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Supplier News 6 November 2018

Roxy Speech-Enabled Assistant Partners with Whistle Messaging, Inc.

Virtual Concierge Device to Integrate with Leading Hotel Guest Messaging Platform

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Roxy, the company behind the speech-enabled device built just for hotels has announced a partnership with Whistle Messaging, Inc., which provides a convenient cloud-based service for guests to engage with hotels using SMS and popular mobile messaging applications.

The partnership makes it possible for service and dispatch requests made by guests through Roxy devices to be routed directly to Whistle's cloud-based guest messaging and task tracking dashboard.

"Working together with Whistle enables us to provide a future-focused guest engagement strategy for hotels" writes Cam Urban, CEO of Roxy. "This integration provides a single seamless interface for staff to manage guest communications."

"Messaging and Voice are two very powerful and critical guest communication channels for hotels today. The ability to effortlessly conjoin them gives hotels the opportunity to provide a superior level of service to their guests," says Christopher Hovanessian, CEO of Whistle. "Integrating with Roxy will further optimize and streamline our hotels' operations."

According to a ​recent study​ by HeyWire Business, 89% of consumers say that having a variety of ways to interact with service representatives including voice and text is important for them. This partnership will enable hotels to manage different touchpoints for guest relationships with a single interface.

Unifying in-room voice, messaging request fulfillment, and tracking with a single interface enables hoteliers to provide guests with quicker service. Hotel employees have fewer mediums to monitor for guest communications, empowering them to act quickly to answer questions and provide services requested by guests.

About Roxy

Roxy is a speech enabled device that provides fully customizable in-room concierge services. The device is built from the ground-up for the hotel industry. Guests use the device by asking a question or making a request. Roxy intuitively understands the request or question and responds immediately. In addition to improving the guest experience Roxy helps hotels eliminate in-room devices, increase efficiencies in guest services delivery and generate revenue. Learn more at​.

About Whistle Messaging, Inc.

At Whistle, we believe there is a better way to run your hotel. A more efficient, less invasive way where guests are engaged from booking through departure. We're passionate about what we do, and our mission is to help hotels achieve it. We focus on bridging the gap between your guests and your team, simplifying the experience for everyone involved. Through our software, Whistle's goal is to become the digital front desk for your hotel, reducing the workload of your staff while elevating the guest experience.

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