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Softscribe Inc. Names 5 Steps on Instagram to Pack Your Sales Funnel for HITEC 2019

Choose Quality Posts Over Quantity. See B2B Instagram Examples at @softscribeinc

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Softscribe Inc.

BENTONVILLE, AR - Softscribe Inc., the leading hotel tech PR agency for the hospitality industry, outlined 5 ways technology vendors can use Instagram to drive qualified leads at #HITEC2019. HITEC, the world's largest hotel tech conference, is in Minneapolis, MN, June 17 to 20, 2019.

Softscribe Inc. provides B2B PR for the hotel tech market and related industries. It creates public relations content, search and social media to help technology companies achieve their business goals and increase sales.

"Experts suggest two future big winners in communications platforms will have a visual component like videos and photographs," said Julie Keyser-Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc. "Instagram and YouTube are platforms that can help tech companies tell their benefit-stories to prospects and clients.

"Your story still must be constructed with a benefit-message and with visuals that support your company's core values and brand message," said Squires.

Squires named these 5 steps to attract qualified leads at HITEC 2019 with Instagram:

  1. Choose quality posts over quantity.
  2. Build your Instagram followers organically. Don't force it.
  3. Clearly identify your value proposition and promise.
  4. Create something valuable to share. Ideally these are messages and visuals that align with your corporate culture, sales promise and business goals.
  5. Follow clients, thought leaders and companies you admire, and those in which you are interested.

"Most of us have both personal and business Instagram accounts," Squires noted. "Toggle, and Be Calm and Carry On is good advice before you let fly a comment via your iPhone to the wrong audience."

Here is an easy way to iPhone toggle between personal and company Instagram accounts:

  1. "Launch Instagram app and tap on the Profile option resting in the bottom right corner.
  2. "Now it's time to head to settings by tapping on the gear icon at the top.
  3. "On the Profile page, tap on the active profile name from the title bar at the top.
  4. "Here you'll see all your other accounts. All you need to do is tap on the account to switch."

[See Resource at end of Press Release: "How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone"]

The Softscribe Inc. team will be at HITEC with a group of its best-in-class tech company clients. HITEC is June 17-20, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click here to contact Softscribe Inc. to learn how to pack your sales funnel for HITEC, or to brainstorm a few ideas to support your company's sales and marketing business goals.

"2019 Global Communications Survey from the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations"
"How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone"

About Softscribe Inc.

Achieves Significant Business Growth for B2B Tech Clients in the Hospitality Industry.

Softscribe Inc. is an award-winning hotel tech public relations agency that specializes in B2B public relations, branding and market consulting. We are the best in the industry at achieving significant business growth for technology companies. Our clients deliver enterprise solutions to the hotel market and related industries.

Generates the Right Client Messages 100% of the Time.

Our PR services focus on marketing content, search, and social media. We generate the right messages for client audiences 100% of the time. This is essential to close sales.

Tech companies, do you want to increase sales and influence? Call or email Michael Squires, president of Softscribe Inc., at 404-256-5512 or mbs(at) to set up a discovery meeting or brainstorm a few marketing and PR ideas. Please give us a shout now, or visit

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