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Lausanne – Committed to embrace diversity and foster inclusion among its community, EHL Group dusts off its historical dress code and introduces a new Guide for Professional Appearance that complies with industry requirements, while enabling students and staff members to express their personalities and individual identities.

Learning real-world applications on campus

The famous “EHL dress code” has been a fundamental element of the institution since its creation in 1893. Of course, the dress code has always evolved over time in order to remain as close as possible to the expectations of society and the industry. With the new Guide for Professional Appearance, one essential element has remained: the establishment of an educational tool, a framework, that aims to support the development of soft skills and knowhow by applying the standards of a professional environment on campus.

Learning is also a social and experiential process at EHL, where education goals are defined in- and outside of the classroom. In opposition to strict uniforms, the Guide for Professional Appearance is an extracurricular learning activity that enables a tangible demonstration and practice of life skills.

Being the best version of yourself implies staying true to yourself

Among the main new features, the Guide for Professional Appearance is now inclusive of cultural and religious diversities which means that the wearing of religious symbols (such as Christian medals, headscarves, kippahs, turbans, etc.) is now accepted on EHL’s campuses in Switzerland and in Singapore. Another notable new feature, the Guide for Professional Appearance is now gender neutral which concretely means that EHL will no longer make any distinction based on a binary view, between a dress code “for men” and a dress code “for women” and thus, the wearing of a tie is no longer mandatory.

In order to rethink this iconic educational tool in an inclusive and benevolent manner, the institution has surrounded itself with experts from the associative world such as Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS).

"With over 120 nationalities among our students, offices around the world and a brand new campus in Singapore, it seemed obvious to us to implement more inclusive standards for our community so that everyone can express their choice of style and live their identity to the fullest. Within an established framework, our staff members and the future managers we train are now invited to self-reflect on the most appropriate manner of presentation, which is a great pedagogical exercise.” enthuses Prof. Michel Rochat, CEO of EHL Group.

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