It’s not your old PMS anymore. The Hotel Property Management System is now a guest interaction platform as well as the connectivity hub for the many disparate systems that our industry needs in order to deliver the ultimate in guest engagement and experience. We are excited to have some amazing panelists pitch in on this discussion. Our three PMS innovators discuss a myriad of questions that directly affect the global hotel industry at every level and how technology will affect every guest. Our panelists for this session include Aaron Shepherd, CEO and Co-Founder of Above Property LLC, Mark Loyd, President at Jonas Chorum and Linda Vallner, VP of Business Development for protel hotelsoftware GmbH.

About Above Property LLC

Above Property® is Transforming Travel through flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. Our hotel solutions include the following modules:

  • Distributed Reservation System
  • Revenue Management Optimization
  • Internet Booking Engine (both single and multi-property)
  • Change Discovery Service
  • Availability Cache Service

This unique suite of modules is easily deployed either independently or as a consolidated suite that interact seamlessly.

About Jonas Chorum

Jonas Chorum is a suite of streamlined, intuitive and flexible property management solutions, designed to provide hotels with everything they need to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, all while delivering a personalized guest experience. Product offerings include Chorum PMS, Chorum CRS, Chorum POS and Chorum Sync. The cloud-based platform features a lineup of high-tech applications and user-friendly features, making it a superior software solution for independent hotels, chain hotels and hotel management companies.

Jonas Chorum is built on Jonas ARC™, a proven, open integration platform that seamlessly connects all Jonas Hospitality products, as well as third-party systems, and offers the perfect combination of full-feature tools, affordability, and uptime. The result is a truly complete solution that is device and platform-agnostic, allowing users to manage single or multiple properties from any location, while eliminating the need for on-site IT resources and servers. Jonas Chorum is both efficient and cost-effective, delivering cutting-edge solutions across all product lines.

With its sophisticated software and elegant platform architecture, Jonas Chorum delivers unparalleled functionality and systems integration with a clean, intuitive, and streamlined user interface that is remarkably easy to use. The Jonas Chorum suite of solutions was designed with hotel management professionals in mind, ensuring the product meets the needs of the hospitality industry today.

About protel hotelsoftware GmbH

protel solutions form a robust technology stack for all hotel business types, with a worldwide team of local partners to support it. The ground-breaking app store, accessible directly via the protel PMS, has rapidly changed the way hotels and their technology vendors do business.

Formed 25 years ago in Dortmund, Germany, shaped by one of the most dynamic overseas investment markets in the world, the beating heart of this modern software company serves only hospitality.

The first cloud-native PMS and apps went live in 2009, and two consecutive Olympic villages - "the largest hotels on Earth" - were built on protel. Operations expanded internationally to over 90 countries, leading to branch offices in Dubai, Vienna, and Atlanta. Currently, more than 14,000 hotels worldwide choose to power their business with protel.

Continuing to influence the technological change collectively known as "the hospitality industry," protel speaks fluent hotel. Talk to us today

Jill Dassen
Sales & Marketing Manager

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