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Opinion Article22 September 2017

The importance of using social media to engage with travellers

By Alysha Nadine Smith, Global Head of Marketing, PR & Advertising at Magnuson Worldwide

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Social media has become a tool that's a vital part of the marketing mix for all businesses. For hotels, it offers a great chance to build up a connection and get their name noticed by potential customers and stay in the minds of those that have visited you before.

Travel is one of the biggest things people share on social media. Instagram is filled with exotic holiday snaps, people post their experiences on Twitter, and there are thousands of videos showing new locations. Publishing your own social media content and commenting on others is a great way to get your brand on the radar of travellers that have money to spend. It's a marketing strategy that can have a really big impact on your reservations, particularly if you're eager to tap into the millennial market.

So, how do you build engagement with travellers through using social media?

  • Post your own interesting content – The key here is to not post content that is overly salesy. You want people to find your social media updates interesting and shareable. Images of your local area, commenting on events, or giving holidaymakers tips are simple ways to do this.
  • Create a two-way conversation – This is a hurdle that many businesses fall down on. Don't simply post your own updates and ignore all others. Respond to the feedback that you get and post your own thoughts on your followers' posts – it'll show a personal side that customers love.
  • Be visual – As a hotel, you should be considering what people want to see when they're looking at travelling. Written content is fine but it's visual content that will really got noticed so invest time in curating photographs and videos.

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