RaizUp Match & Mentor Program — Source: RAIZUP

Most businesses spent the past year trying to survive and constantly pivot through all the health worries and the shock of the pandemic. Organisations could not even start to imagine how the global economy would be affected, let alone how their own businesses would be able to address their temporary closures and how they could encourage their teams, many on furlough, to stay positive. With everything at stake, company leaders did not have a chance to focus on supporting and developing their teams. Therefore, many employees lost trust in their organisation and began to question how important their roles really were. Some even felt a lack of belonging and loss of self-value and self-confidence. According to McKinsey 46% of employees felt somewhat burned out during between December 2020 and January 2021. 

Now, when businesses are starting to operate again across the world and hiring is one, if not the most important thought on all managers’ mind, businesses are also facing a big challenge with retaining talent as markets are being flooded with open positions. With team sizes still smaller than prior to the pandemic, and workloads rapidly increasing, how can the support for all parties be provided and the right balance between recruiting, integrating new employees, but also supporting loyal team members can be achieved?

This is why now more than ever, business owners, executives and team leaders need to focus on the future of their companies, the People. They need to be equipped with relevant hard and soft skills and being motivated to future-proof any organisation. Mentors may just be a huge part of the saving force to protect and reignite trust in a company and set them up for long-term success.

Mentoring offers something new and meaningful to the employees whose career development had been forcefully put on hold for the past 18 months. However, the world still turns and mentors can deliver the motivation and confidence boost to employees that are looking for a way to kickstart their careers again. At the same time employers also need people they can rely on for their recovery strategy.

A mentor is able to provide insight as well as;

  • Put things into perspective
  • Provide an opportunity to reflect and improve· Help to find purpose and meaning
  • Aid work-life balance, wellbeing, mental health

Our work-life balance has been significantly impacted. The ongoing difficulties we face would benefit from additional support, and so hearing a mentor’s experience or sharing a fresh perspective from a mentee can shine a new light on to different situations.

We are no longer striving to work for the sake of it, but often look for something deeper. Having regular conversations with a mentor, even if it is just over the phone or on a video call, can give one a sense of grounding in a world that still feels very unreal.

A key element to mentorship is how we look at the stresses or challenges in front of us, and its direct impact on our behaviour and wellbeing. If we reflect, self-assess and look after ourselves, we have a better chance of improving our performance and interpersonal skills. Mentorship provides the time and a safe environment to practice this often neglected, but important aspect of self-discovery.

Someone’s personal objectives are often intertwined with their professional ambitions. A study by Deloitte found that employees are more satisfied with and loyal to companies that support both their professional and personal goals. Therefore, a good mentor must possess empathy. The act of helping someone understand what matters most to them and why is a key link in a mentee-mentor relationship.

Aside from wanting to give back and improve someone else’s life, or help them along with their career goals, becoming a mentor has many benefits. It helps build leadership skills, learn new perspectives, enhance communication and people skills and it also opens a forum for new ideas and process improvements.

The power of mentorship is clear and undisputable for all involved: mentees, mentors and the organizations they work for. “Mentoring couples” benefit from the relationship, have the opportunity to reflect and share experiences even beyond the program has concluded.

Due to the pandemic we all carry some sort of uncertainty, and we can all help each other reignite something in ourselves as we are learning to live and constantly pivot in this new reality.

Learning is key at all stages of life, self-development and self-discovery pushes us and the world to become better, and to continuously evolve.

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Rita Varga