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Housekeeping in Hospitality

Housekeeping is a core contributor to the guest experience and one of the largest line items on a hotel P&L. This forum seeks to advance the business of housekeeping and explores the many logistical challenges in a department that is shaped by complex people management, increasing guest expectations, profitability challenges and now, additional demands from both guests and other stakeholders in an environment forged by a pandemic.
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Soenke Weiss

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Optii Solutions Pty Ltd

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Outsourced housekeeping - the panacea to all our housekeeping woes?

Outsourcing companies are tipped to be benefitting from the current arduous environment characterised by occupancy fluctuations and labour shortages. Yet the problems are no different for external parties and some of the economies of scale inherent in the hotel are delegated down the line.

Is Housekeeping Moving From The Back To The Front Of The House?

As the world starts to reopen, consumers will slowly return to traveling in a world that may be waiting for a vaccine for some time yet. Managing the threat of local outbreaks is ever-present. It is now becoming each hotels' worst nightmare that a guest may be able to prove that an infection was contracted in the hotel and worse still - that a hotel will become associated and identified with an outbreak or a hotspot.

Does the post-COVID era require a different skillset from housekeepers?

The prominence of the housekeeping function has seen a revival in recent years. While its contribution was underappreciated for many decades, there has been a recent awakening to the department's significant impact on shaping the guest experience and the positive impact a well-managed team can have on the hotel's bottom line.