Cendyn CRM

Cendyn CRM is a next generation CRM and CDP platform that empowers hoteliers to drive direct bookings, elevate guest connections, and maximize profitability, all while building stronger relationships with guests for unprecedented success.

 Boost brand visibility and drive bookings

Drive brand awareness and direct bookings on your website using digital marketing channels such as Meta, Google, and Metasearch.

Expand your reach across all channels

Leverage audiences across all your marketing channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and more) for a consistent and strategic approach.

Centralize and unify your data with a CRM & CDP

Consolidate data into a single source for unified marketing consent and brand compliance using a CRM powered by a CDP to harmonize information.

Create a tailored loyalty experience

Offer unique experiences for loyal returning guests by offering a personalized experience on your website.

Leverage multiple integrations to drive demand

Integrate seamlessly with various hospitality tech platforms such as booking engines, loyalty, and spa to leverage multi-channel data, driving demand, and preventing revenue loss.

Build multi-channel campaigns with ease

Improve marketing across email, social, and messaging. Automate messaging with journey builders to enhance productivity while staying on brand.

Drive conversions, not bounce rates

Create full-circle, on-brand, campaign-focused landing pages to drive your offers and messaging home.

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