Industry Update
Appointment 1 March 2021

Céline Magneche Nde Sika

Appointed Chapter Leader Africa
At RaizUp in Penka Michel, Cameroon

Céline Magneche Nde Sika

From her early years in her Cameroonian village shaving all the little boys of the neighbourhood each Sunday to positions with educational institutions and charity organisations, she has always been driven by the desire of improving things and helping people become better persons. "Having a trusted advisor who will help you look around the corners to see what you'll otherwise miss, enabling you to think/act more clearly/differently, is crucial to personal and professional success."

Céline is on a mission to equip African hotels with the tools they need to effectively meet the needs of today's guests, increase the productivity of their associates and improve the bottom line of their business.
The Cameroonian native is leading Magneche Hotel Consulting supporting hoteliers in this never before  fight for attracting/keeping customers so fierce but also vital to thrive in a competitive business world, offering each customer the attention/service they crave, especially in this Covid-19 era.

Céline Magneche Nde Sika 's appointment to Raizup, is further the organisation's mission to increase the success and engagement in the workplace for women and other underrepresented groups, and to enable companies to attract, develop and retain potential diverse talent, nurtured by a powerful community. Raizup believes that by inspiring communities to enter the industry and organizations to leverage and retain in the sector, will create more diverse and inclusive leadership. Céline will take Raizup's global mission to the next level by opening a new local Chapter from Africa based between Cameroon and Nigeria. 


Amongst all the subsectors of Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry, an average 26% of senior executives are female. At Woman in Hospitality and Trave Tech we advocate for a more diverse culture in hospitality and travel-tech organizations.
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