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The Future of Sustainability Certification: Micro-Certification?

View by Maribel Esparcia Pérez

"As legislation evolves, current certification schemes might be ineffective or become obsolete in upcoming months, especially in European countries. Further regulations for hotel building and operations have more chances to be a catalyst for change than some of the existing certification schemes."

Intelligence, Speed, And Precision – The Role Of Dynamic Revenue And Price Management In The 2020s

Advertorial by Stan van Roij

As a new era unfolds anticipating a post-COVID world, we at Infor are empowering our customers to approach revenue management and pricing strategy in an adaptable and resilient way. In addition to supporting that mission in the light of the pandemic, we're continuing to develop the Infor EzRMS revenue management platform and Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer (HPO) to help organizations build their approach to disrupted markets and a changing industry, to make the most of their inventory, give them tools to find new revenue sources, and to shore up profitability.

The ‘New Normal’: Reimagining Revenue Management in a COVID-19 World

Advertorial by Erik Muñoz

The hotel revenue management technology sector is an area where the biggest impact of the pandemic can be seen in a very clear way. Traditional RM technology was reliant upon algorithms, most often based primarily on historical demand patterns - such as booking lead times, booking pickup by segments and seasonal stay patterns by day, week or month - as a basis for determining the best possible room rate, at any given time.

Redefine Your Revenue Management Strategy

Advertorial by Kevin Duncan

This quote from Inspired Capital co-founder Alexa von Tobel perfectly encapsulates the realities of the hospitality industry today. Trends have accelerated and we seem to have jumped ahead a decade, with transformative change happening seemingly overnight.