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Supplier News17 April 2018

Groups360™ Releases GroupSync™ Proposal Comparison Tool

New Application Allows Planners to Quickly Compare RFP Responses with Real-Time Collaboration

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Groups360™ has announced the latest update to its GroupSync™ Software, the GroupSync Proposal Comparison Tool. No longer do meeting planners have to spend hours transferring RFP responses into a spreadsheet for comparison. With the GroupSync Proposal Comparison Tool, all responses are aggregated in one, easy-to-view table that can be sorted based on the planner's specifications.

"As we've worked with meeting planners over the past few years, we've recognized a need for an easier way to draw an apples-to-apples comparison with RFP responses," said Groups360 CEO Kemp Gallineau. "The GroupSync Proposal Comparison tool does just that."

With GroupSync, meeting planners can source venues and locations that fit direct needs like pricing, dates, weather, location, amenities, and more. Now, as responses to their RFPs come in through the tool, planners will be able to compare their options directly within the application based on the specifications outlined while creating their RFPs, saving them a significant amount of time. Rather than needing to generate a new table or PDF any time an RFP response comes in, the GroupSync Proposal Comparison Tool automatically updates results.

Not only does the tool allow meeting planners to dynamically modify what they can see within the application, it's also shareable with real-time collaboration capabilities. Users with login access to GroupSync can comment on and modify their results, with multiple team members able to access the tool at the same time. Users can also send a link to their results, allowing those who aren't within the GroupSync platform to view the full table of results along with any comments.

"Our users asked for a better way to aggregate RFP results than what the industry has been doing for years, and we listened. The GroupSync Proposal Comparison Tool really is the next step to more efficient planning," said Gallineau. "We're excited to equip our users with even better access to their data."

To learn more about Groups360 or to take advantage of the GroupSync suite of tools, visit

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Groups360 is the Most Trusted Marketplace for Meetings™. The company"s GroupSync suite of tools combines technology, business intelligence, industry experience and skilled advisors to deliver transparency, speed, savings and a great match between the needs of planners with hoteliers, destinations and other event suppliers. Started in 2014 by the former president and chief sales officer of Gaylord Entertainment, the Nashville-based company serves thousands of market participants across the US and internationally. Learn more at

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