The past six months of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and individuals to reconsider not only what they do, where they do it, and how they do it, but also why they do what they do (or don't do what they don't do). In other words, it has forced executives to reflect more intensely on both the external environment in which their firms compete and the ways in which they do so. Strategic thinking, management, and implementation have never been more important than now in the hospitality industry as countless firms across the world are fighting for their survival. As Professor Richard Rumelt once wrote, successful companies may not actually engage in strategy work until the "wolf is at the door." In today's COVID-19 world, not only is the wolf at the door, but he is scratching to get in, ready to blow the house (or hotel) down. The question, therefore, is what have you and/or your firm learned most about your business strategy, and what are you doing about it?

Christine Demen Meier
Christine Demen Meier
Managing Director, Les Roches
Peter  Norman
Peter Norman
Senior VP, Acquisitions & Development at Hyatt Hotels Corporation

The journey you started with us several years ago I believe has put us at an advantage in reacting and dealing with today's challenge that is having such an impact on the hospitality industry. The way we now approach our business strategy, at both hotel and regional levels, has been a cornerstone to how we have dealt with what COVID has thrown at us with our Vision and Purpose a key foundation on which we have built our responses and actions. I believe that one of the key learnings has been the importance of a business strategy that is relevant to our organization, culture, fully thought out and embedded into the organization.

Guy  Pasley-Tyler
Guy Pasley-Tyler
Director - Portfolio & Fund Management at Archer Hotel Capital
Saar  Sharon
Saar Sharon
Managing Director at West Ridge Asset Management
Anders  Nissen
Anders Nissen
CEO at Pandox AB
Robert  Herr
Robert Herr
General Manager at The Bürgenstock Selection
Peter Szabo
Peter Szabo
Senior Associate at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott
Anne-Marie Auriault
Anne-Marie Auriault
Founder & Managing Director at Pimlico Asset Management, and Independent Board Member
Ramsey  Mankarious
Ramsey Mankarious
CEO, Cedar Capital Partners
John  Willcock
John Willcock
General Manager at Macdonald Hotel Windsor
Philip Bacon
Philip Bacon
Senior Director, Head of Planning & Development and Valuation at Horwath HTL