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World Panel

Hotel Ownership, Development and Management

This panel discusses and debates current and future trends and challenges in the hotel industry, most notably those concerning the relationship between hotel owners, management companies, asset managers and general managers. We will aim to have four to six panel viewpoints per year.
Panel Champ

Demian Hodari

Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Ecole Hôtelière Lausanne (EHL)

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In Step: Owners and Operators moving forward, together (or not)

The Current COVID-19 crisis has put incredible strains on hotel owners, operators and managers. Steps to alleviate the current pain points are well noted - fee reductions/deferrals, closing of properties, reduced staffing and services - but these are likely not sustainable over a long period.

Strategy needs to be ON even when the world is OFF

It is completely understandable that most hospitality industry companies are focused on short-term survival right now. World, business and industry conditions require such attention. However, as time passes and we settle into our routines and manage to put out our most pressing fires, it will soon become time for the industry's leaders to look past the clouds of uncertainty hanging over us and take the necessary time to consider how firms need to position themselves once the pandemic crisis has abated and the world returns to normal.

2020 Hotel Transactions and RevPAR

Based on survey results, the panel is bullish (median 67.5%) on the prospect of the 2020 transaction market beating 2019's tally of $62 billion. Interestingly, nearly 1/3 of the panel is 100% confident of this! On the other hand, the panel's outlook on U.