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Africa set to benefit from global loyalty network

By Danny Bryer - Area Director, Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management, Protea Hotels by Marriott

Business travel across the African continent is, well, big business. Not only is it on the rise, but the foundations that support it are growing apace. From improved air access to increased hotel capacity for conferencing, many nations across the continent are shaping up for a competitive future.

Tourism & Hospitality Playing a Key Role in the Growth of African Economies

By Josephine Wawira - Consultant at Jumia Travel

The growth acceleration in Djibouti has been driven mainly by port-related activities and transport, such as transit trade with Ethiopia which has attracted large public and foreign investments. On the other hand, Ethiopia and Tanzania have been significantly supported by the recovery of agricultural production, their rising service sectors, and increased infrastructure investments.

Steady growth of internet penetration in Africa, a boost for e-tourism

By Josephine Wawira - Consultant at Jumia Travel

Currently, there are approximately 345 million internet users in Africa, representing 9.3% of the total population and a penetration rate of 27.7%. These analytics presented in a hospitality report by Africa's leading online travel agency, Jumia Travel, reflects the opportunity that lies for tourism and hospitality industry players in exploiting the internet to grow e-tourism.

Harnessing the power of technology to benefit African tourism businesses

By Josephine Wawira - Consultant at Jumia Travel

With an internet penetration rate of approximately 27% in Africa, there is yet a lot to be achieved; but this is an opportunity for tourism businesses to harness and benefit from. Players such as Jumia Travel are already in the forefront; which according to its CEO Paul Midy, the company is keen on using technology to revolutionize how people travel.