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Hotel Verde, Africa's greenest hotel


In 2013, Hotel Verde, a 145-room airport hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, opened its doors with the bold statement of being the greenest hotel in Africa. The hotel garnered a vast amount of local and international press exposure, having executed sustainable measures to an extent that had not been achieved before.

Seven future trends in hotel sustainability in Africa

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While hotels in the developed world are beginning to make strides in sustainability, Africa remains a continent where hotels face water scarcity, energy security issues, and infrastructure challenges - all of which make measures to improve sustainability even more important.

The open-border-policy that's shaping African travel


According to Dr. Wouter Geerts, Senior Travel Analyst at Euromonitor International, as opposed to the US and Europe where there are increasing calls for stronger border controls and barring certain travelers from entry, African leaders are seeing and using travel and tourism as an avenue for boosting the continent's economic prosperity.

Africa set to benefit from global loyalty network


Business travel across the African continent is, well, big business. Not only is it on the rise, but the foundations that support it are growing apace. From improved air access to increased hotel capacity for conferencing, many nations across the continent are shaping up for a competitive future.

Luxury tourism surprisingly buoyant, states report


There's an element of tunnel vision that can come with maintaining a fairly ordinary existence, it's difficult to place yourself in someone else's position, especially when that someone is, by all accounts, incredibly wealthy.

Nairobi sees 22% boost in domestic air travel capacity


The report, whose special focus is on the East African Community (EAC), further indicates that Nairobi's airports have a total scheduled capacity (August to December 2017) of 18% in domestic seats, 31% in long-haul international seats, and a 51% capacity in intra-Africa international seats.

Hospitality and tourism's relevance to African markets


The hospitality and tourism is an important sector for many developing countries, since it is one of the main foreign exchange earners and key exports component. In 2016, foreign visitors to Africa reached 58 million with a spending of USD 40.

Tech takes on travel


The last thing you're thinking about when putting your feet up on holiday is that you may be enjoying a break as a result of something as disparate to travel as data analytics, but, increasingly, that's the case.