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What does the future hold for bed banks?

View by Simone Puorto

"According to a HotelBeds whitepaper, "bedbanks are focused on assisting hoteliers develop under-served markets and those they do not contract with directly." At least, in theory, therefore, the bedbank model should compete neither with OTAs nor with direct booking initiatives, and it should (always in theory) produce incremental revenue for hotels."

Hospitality Technology and Forced Migrations: A Bad Break-Up Story

By Ryan Hamilton

A hotelier's decision to invest in technology is not merely a purchase; instead, it marks the beginning of a relationship between vendor and customer. One party provides the service and/or software, and the other party leverages it to enhance their offering.

The five keys to successfully negotiating an off-plan hotel lease, for hotel owners

By Christopher Boinet, Anne Epinat and Julien Guittet

More than ever, off-plan hotel leases[1] are making headlines in the leisure real estate industry. Stemming from real estate law professional practices, off-plan hotel leases reconcile the legal and financial interests of three distinct actors: the developer (seller), the investor (owner) and the operator (tenant).

Hotel Lodging or a Cruise Ship Residence versus an Assisted Living Community: A Cost and Lifestyle Comparison

By Fred DeMicco and Isaiah Morrow

You might consider checking into a Marriott and not a retirement community or assisted living facility for your future living arrangements. The average cost for assisted living care is about $275.00 a day and checking reservations at the Fairfield by Marriott the rate was about $79 a night when you combine a long-term stay discount and senior discount.

In Memory Of Arne Sorenson

By Iqbal Ahmed

For more than a decade, while working as a concierge for a hotel in London, I became familiar with the name of its eponymous founder, Mr Marriott. His name was somewhat legendary for guests and hosts alike because a father and son duo had run the company for eight decades under their identical name, J.