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4 Ways the Google Assistant Interpreter Will Drive Guest Satisfaction Scores, Boost Loyalty

By David Berger

2019 is the year of "experiential travel," with guests demanding more seamless, personalized and transformative stays. With the travel industry already achieving 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide (two years ahead of the 2020 prediction according to the UN World Tourism Organization), hoteliers need to address the most basic hospitality principle - hotel-to guest and guest-to-hotel communication.

Hotel Industry CEOs On Sustainability Entering The 2020s: The Window Of Opportunity For Hotels Is Now!

By Willy Legrand

The hospitality industry is leaving behind a decade of growth, which brought along jobs and fostered local and regional development. The industry that repeatedly outperformed the global economy enters a new decade where leading climate researchers talk about the potential consequences of a "global cascade of tipping points" (Lenton et al.