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Do You Train Your Team To Be Locally Authentic?

By Larry Mogelonsky - Owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited and the founder of LMA Communications Inc.,

True, we have brand standards to abide by, but that shouldn't stop you from engaging in small acts of regional expressionism, especially when you already know that it is such a strong determining factor for returning guests these days.

Personalization and the Guest Experience

By Michael Schubach - Strategic Deployments and Program Management Director at Infor

From a historical perspective, hotels have a checkered past as far as "unique" goes. A number of hotel chains and many individual properties grew famous and wealthy based on their reputation as premier providers of deluxe accommodations and exceptional service.

Conducting Impact Studies

By Heidi S. Nielsen - Senior Vice President at HVS Atlanta

With the pace of new supply growth accelerating, owners of existing hotels are increasingly concerned as to how their properties will fare in a more competitive market. As brands continually add new product types to fill a niche, hotel operators are becoming more aware of the potential threats from within their brand family.

Connecting the dots to improve your hotel operations

By Samantha Noll - Business Development Manager at Novility By Ines de Castro Fernandes - Ergonomics Specialist at Novility

In a hotel, providing service to guests can be a physically strenuous job. There's a lot of bending over, stretching, lifting, picking things up, carrying things, rushing around... any of which, with just a little bad luck, could cause an injury, not to mention lower back pain and a host of other maladies.

Not your father's ERP

By Nick Price - CIO at citizenM

Hotel companies have been stuck for too long with an information systems architecture conceived well into the last century, and built around a notion of a Property Management System (PMS) at the center of everything that a hotel does or will do, writes NetSys Technology's Nick Price.

The "TRICK" to Navigating the Turbulent Seas of Transition: Traditional Lodging Makes Waves on the High Seas, Part I

By Thomas Mielke - Managing Director at AETHOS Consulting Group

One has to applaud the blue-sky thinking of Ritz Carlton's management team for having the guts to 'go for it'. Whilst the brand continues to proliferate across the globe in city and resort destinations alike, and remains an estate agent's and developer's darling when it comes to branded residences, it has not yet, to date, conquered the other 72% of the world - which is the percentage of the world covered by oceans.