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An Invasion of Business Like Never Before

By Dipti Mohan and Ajay Mehtani

The Indian hospitality sector is perhaps undergoing one of its worst-ever crises in living memory and is putting every effort to deal with this unprecedented invasion.Based on our discussions with key industry stakeholders, we understand that as of 30th of March 2020, 57% of 787 branded hotels in the country have become non-operational, a never before event in the history of the Indian hotel industry.

Three Revenue strategies for a New Normal

By Ally Northfield

One way to break down the top three revenue strategies is to look at what you need to be doing now, what scenarios you need to plan for in the short term, and then extrapolating how these scenarios may then impact the mid and longer term, on the understanding that there will never be a specific end date on this, and many new factors we need to come to terms with.

COVID-19 Impact in Hospitality Financing and the Current Climate for Borrower’s and Lender’s in the Hotel Industry

By Korosh Farazad

Due to the recent unprecedented event, the hospitality industry along with all other industries around the world has been damaged by COVID-19. Which results in a world economic crisis with domestic & international travels rapidly slowing, occupancy falling and hotels closing.

Boston & Cambridge Lodging Market: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Supply

By Sebastian Colella

Life across the United States has changed dramatically in the last four weeks. In Boston, and almost every other city in the country, hotel owners and operators have been forced to make the difficult decision to close temporarily while the country attempts to slow and contain the spread of COVID-19.

Cleanliness Theater for the Post-Pandemic World

By Larry Mogelonsky

This too shall pass. However bad the COVID-19 situation gets that we are currently in the midst of fighting, business will eventually return to normal, hopefully sooner rather than later. But the fear instilled in people's minds from this panic will linger for long after the all clear is given as part of a collective post-pandemic social anxiety.

Make Every Interaction Count – The Power of Brand Loyalty

By Mohamed Khanat

If we've learned anything in the past few months, it is that unexpected things can happen to anyone at any time. No one is immune to system failures, economic recessions or indeed—global pandemics. My prediction for the coming months and years is that survival and success will ultimately be determined not by what has happened to us, but rather by how we respond.

Recovery from COVID-19 in Spain

By Sophie Perret

Half of all global tourism arrivals historically come to Europe; and, within Europe, Spain enjoys a disproportionate share of this visitation, with more than 80 million visiting the country yearly. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic ravages Europe and takes a particularly heavy toll in Spain, it is important to evaluate how the reliance of this country on international visitation might shape the recovery of its two main urban markets once the pandemic subsides.