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The “Always” Concept: What We Must Always Do For Our Customers

By Shep Hyken

One of the big concepts we teach in our customer service training programs is the concept of Always. This is the backbone of creating customer amazement. When the customer uses the word always followed by something positive, you are creating a predictable experience, and even more important, you are operating in the zone of amazement.

Sustainability-driven legislation: setting the right conditions for hospitality?

View by Inge Huijbrechts

"The benefit of legislation is that it creates a level playing field and can be an accelerator. From this perspective legislation in the sustainability field is certainly useful, provided governments do not overregulate and focus on the essentials."

Getting Back On The Road To Recovery With Ted Teng

By L. Aruna Dhir

Viewing our world through the prism of the Pandemic, it strangely yet optimistically, reminds me of the folklore around a tiny ant and a great, ancient King. During one of his unsuccessful raids, the injured King felt hopeless and hapless, fearing defeat and a possibly nearing end.

The Inner Game: Hotels And The Post-Pandemic Wellness Opportunity

By Mariana Palmeiro

The global wellness economy, valued at $4.5 trillion, is rapidly outpacing the growth of the global economy, with ever-increasing demand attributed to several contributory factors. Aging populations, fast-paced lives and high-pressure jobs are resulting in an increase in chronic conditions, stress, depression and sleep problems.