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Using Creative Solutions to Highlight the Diversity of the Dominican Republic

By Ana Paradela

Like other locales hard-hit by the events of the past 18 months, the Dominican Republic is focusing on rebuilding and recovering. The summer travel season may be behind us and we have headed into cooler months, but that doesn’t mean travel has to slow down.

Why Hoteliers are Turning to PMS Technology to Fill Gaps in Labor and Overall Operations

By Warren Dehan

Hoteliers need a hand. As the ongoing labor shortage continues to limit hoteliers’ ability to operate at a high level, many of them have turned to technology to fill operational gaps. Technology’s ultimate purpose is to simplify complicated, time consuming processes or activities and present needed information quickly and accurately.

5 Recession Lessons Hotels should Remember in 2022

By Melissa Rodrigues

Prior to March 2020, the tourism industry was booming worldwide. Hotels benefited from year-on-year growth in tourism and the continuous onslaught of guests during peak holiday seasons. As hotel business thrived, no one gave much thought to where their revenue was coming from, considered long-term investments, or clearly understood the implications to profitability.

Is hotel metasearch a distribution or advertising channel?

View by Peter O’Connor

"Given today's radical transparent online hotel marketplace, the dividing line between sales, marketing, e-commerce, revenue management, pricing and even loyalty needs to disappear. These traditional organisational structures only create silos that get in the way of insuring that we put the right product at the right price in front of the right customer at the appropriate time moment in their purchase cycle."