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9 Ways Blockchain Technology Is Emerging As A Game-Changer In The Hotel Industry

By Ava Lee - Business Analyst and Writer at MyAssignmenthelp

The blockchain technology is slowly and steadily carving out a prominent space for itself across different industries. Ideally, blockchain can be recognized as a decentralized, invulnerable ledger system that keeps track of economic transactions that can be implemented to record anything that holds value, other than just financial transactions.

Discounting is for Dummies - Part Three

By Mark Lewis-Brown - CEO & President of Vertical Booking USA

One of the best - and worst - things about the hospitality industry is how much most hotels have in common: they're offering relatively similar products and have a great deal of competition within their immediate marketplace - other hotels, alternative accommodations and the OTAs - which, in most cases, leaves hoteliers waging an uphill battle to profitability.

Carbon Accounting is not an Easy Road - but it's Worth it

By Tiphaine Jerome - Assistant Professor at EHL By Delphine Gibassier - Senior Research Fellow at Lloyds Centre for Responsible Business

Environmental performance accounting systems have become key in corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and are the focus of attention in international business conferences. From the integrated reporting initiative led by the International Integrated Reporting Council to the Environmental P&L published by Kering in 2016, from the 'True Value' accounting methodology published by KMPG in 2014 to the Natural Capital Coalition standard released in 2016, the world is full of environmental accounting initiatives.

GDPR complaints are on the rise. Are you prepared?

By Michael Toedt - Managing Partner and CEO at TS&C GmbH

As an indicator of what is to come, let's look at what's been happening outside of the hospitality industry. Regulators in the UK, France, Austria, and across Europe are reporting a sharp increase in data protection complaints and breach notifications since the GDPR came into effect.