World Panel
Viewpoint 2 March 2020

Sustainability Gives Hotels An Edge In The War For Talent. Or Does It?

Sustainability in Hospitality

— 12 experts shared their view

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This viewpoint was created by
Franziska Altenrath, Co-Founder at TUTAKA
Julia Massey
Sustainability Manager and Advisor
Jonathon Day
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Suzann Heinemann
Founder and CEO of InfraCert GmbH
Viktoria Schünemann
Co-Founder at POPCORN Consulting
Friederike Vinzenz
Expert for Sustainability Communication & Founder at RoomFor
Franziska Altenrath
Co-Founder at TUTAKA
Henri Kuokkanen
Associate Professor at Institut Paul Bocuse
Florian Kaefer
PhD, Founder & Editor, Sustainability Leaders Project
Willy Legrand
Professor of Hospitality Management at the IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Aurora Dawn Benton
Founder & CEO, Astrapto
Benjamin Lephilibert
Founder & CEO, LightBlue Environmental Consulting
Christopher Warrensupplier view
Founder of My Green Butler