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Viewpoint20 August 2021

How to manage revenue in a pent-up demand era?

Revenue Optimization

— 20 experts shared their view

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This viewpoint was created by
Scott Dahl, Program Director, Master’s Degree in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education
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Michael Bennettsupplier view
Chief Marketing Officer, Cendyn
Christoph Hütter
Non-traditional Revenue Manager & Consultant
Raul Moronta
CRME, CHIA, Chief Commercial Officer at Remington Hotels
Simone Puorto
Founder | CEO | Futurist
Max Starkov
Adjunct Professor NYU Tisch Center for Hospitality and Hospitality & Online Travel Tech Consultant
Digna Kolarsupplier view
Director, Industry Consulting at IDeaS
Gino Engelssupplier view
Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at OTA Insight
Federica Salvatori
Revenue & Commercial Strategy and Founder of Federica Salvatori Consulting
Silvia Cantarella
Revenue Management Expert and founder at Revenue Acrobats
Pablo Torres
Hotel Consultant & Trainer
Sharad Kapur
Revenue & Distribution Strategist
Oleksii Kapichin
Revenue Management Expert
Diego Fernandez Perez De Ponga
Corporate Director Revenue Management Palladium Hotel Group
Vassilis Syropoulossupplier view
CEO and Head of Product - JUYO ANALYTICS
Fabian Bartnicksupplier view
Founder at Infinito
Inga Lathamsupplier view
Chief Product Officer at SiteMinder
Nicole Adair, CRMEsupplier view
Director of Revenue Management Services at SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC
Ira Vouk
Hospitality Technology and Revenue Management consultant
Michail Tzouvelekissupplier view
Director of Global Marketing, Fornova
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